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Beverley George


dinner sets, fine linen,

and cooking pots scatter . . .

my books

come with me everywhere

from home, to home, to home


Pooh Bear tales

loved now as in childhood —

on the flyleaf

my name in mother’s writing,

and a stamp I coloured in


e-books have their place

in our speeding, shrinking world

I luxuriate

in silken pages to turn

and sturdy, sewn spines


books arranged

by genre, country, author

are easy to find

my life as a librarian

flows into golden years


book jackets

gleam in lamplight


to realms of otherness,

the maze of diverse minds

© Beverley George

published bilingually The Tanka Journal [Japan] no. 43 2013  p.19

Beverley George has spent most of her working life in libraries, mostly scientific ones, but she has also enjoyed time in public libraries, including a country children’s book service. Her private copious bookshelves reflect a lifelong love of books, which are arranged systematically for easy retrieval.
She greatly enjoys the Japanese poetic genres and produces Eucalypt: a tanka journal,  in print, on Hanno silk paper.

Date-Stamp by Julie Thorndyke


September gone
and another birthday
I pause
before turning the fourth
corner of the year

these book-lined walls
all thought, every emotion
on my calendar I schedule
a day to run free

last day of term
locking the library door
on silence
I check myself out

for a long, long loan


a TANKA SPLENDOR 2006 winner, published on

Julie Thorndyke lives, works and writes in Sydney, Australia. Two collections of her tanka poetry, rick rack and Carving Granite, are available from Ginninderra Press.