LIBRARY by Isabella, Darien Library Children’s Room

Lots of books

I love books

Books are awesome

Reading is cool

A ton of books

Really helpful

You guys are awesome


Written by Isabella, submitted by Lisa, Children’s Librarian at Darien Library 


Two from Darien Library in Connecticut

These two poems come to us from Lisa, the Children’s Librarian at the Darien Library in Connecticut. Lisa was actually the FIRST person I had contact me about submissions, and she put up a display at her library to create interest and engage her community!

Thank you, Lisa!



– Miss Jeanne Altman, Darien Library


I love my library,

It’s my favorite place.

It has books and videos and a makerspace.

I love my librarians,

They are always so great.

They lend me Timmy Failure and Joshua Dread and even Big Nate.

I love my library,

The programs are fun.

We have science and TEA crafts and books in the sun.

Libraries and librarians,

Who would have guessed?

That I would think both of them are the best!



The Library

-Charlotte S., 10 years old

The library is such a fun place

I pick out books with grace

As I look at the spines and face the titles

I might stare for a while

I as this place is so much I have to go I’ve run out of space