Books by Beverley George

Books TTJ tr Aya Yuhki (2)

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English Version:


Beverley George


dinner sets, fine linen,

and cooking pots scatter . . .

my books

come with me everywhere

from home, to home, to home


Pooh Bear tales

loved now as in childhood —

on the flyleaf

my name in mother’s writing,

and a stamp I coloured in


e-books have their place

in our speeding, shrinking world

I luxuriate

in silken pages to turn

and sturdy, sewn spines


books arranged

by genre, country, author

are easy to find

my life as a librarian

flows into golden years


book jackets

gleam in lamplight


to realms of otherness,

the maze of diverse minds

© Beverley George

published bilingually The Tanka Journal [Japan] no. 43 2013  p.19

Beverley George has spent most of her working life in libraries, mostly scientific ones, but she has also enjoyed time in public libraries, including a country children’s book service. Her private copious bookshelves reflect a lifelong love of books, which are arranged systematically for easy retrieval.
She greatly enjoys the Japanese poetic genres and produces Eucalypt: a tanka journal,  in print, on Hanno silk paper.

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